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Crypto-Currency Mining



This website is designed to present introductory information to those who are considering joining those of us who have already purchased crypto mining machines and rack space from Dunamis Mining LLC.

It is not associated with Dunamis Mining LLC, but is maintained by a Dunamis Mining LLC customer.

This site is currently under development, but it should provide you with a basic introduction. I recommend you view the material presented here and then attend one of our meetings for further information.

The first video is a "TED Talk" which provides a good introduction to the "Blockchain." The additional links will answer many of your questions.

For a quick 4-minute intro message call 1-302-202-1115 and enter access code 83619937.

For information concerning meetings and locations, please contact the person who directed you to this website or call or text Mike Macek at (602) 505-1056. My mail is


Media Files

Dunamis Introduction Presentation

Event Launch Promo

Dream Trip

Bitcoin is going to be Digital Gold

Navigating Investments

Fundamentals of Proof of Work

Mike Novogratz - about Bitcoin